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Existential crisis: Portuguese voice-over or voiceover? Voice overs?

August 14, 2023


I’m not really sure what I do, professionally speaking…


Is it voice-overs?

Or voiceovers?

Some even write voice overs…

The Oxford Dictionary tell me it’s voice-overs: “Information or comments in a film, television programme, etc, that are given by a person who is not seen on the screen”.

Cambridge dictionary also goes with voice-over. Actually, most online dictionaries seem to choose the hyphen’s version.

Still, for instance, the Collins dictionary mentions I can write the word – or the words – in both ways.

On the other hand, it seems to me that most of my colleagues, fellow voice-over talents and voiceover talents, choose to define what they do as voiceover. They are professionals. They surely know what they do, although I don’t…

I’m a bit confused.

Well, it might be better to backup my website to a non-hyphenated url, so I’m easily found by clients in the web.

Or should I do a back-up?!


Portuguese voice artist

Portugal Profi-Sprecher

Locutor Portugués

Voice over from Portugal

Locución en Portugués

Portugiesischer Sprecher mit tonstudio

Comédien voix off Portugais

Voice actor Portugal

Doppiatore Portoghese