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Doodle of a man sneezing

Stop being nosy!

April 17, 2024


Amazing news for voice artists!

The season for respiratory viruses is coming to an end!

Yeah! (…)

image of an exclamation mark speaking to a microphone

I love the Portuguese language. ¿But did you know there’s a detail I adore in Spanish? ¡Guess what it is!

February 29, 2024


The Spanish language has fantastic detail!

It’s this: “¡The Spanish language has a fantastic detail!”

Did you notice the difference? (…)


Image of a computer speaking to a microphone, as an Artificial Intelligence voiceover

Text-to-speech voice-over? No, thanks.
Feels like Artificial Intelligence VO in sheep’s clothing

January 4, 2024


“Do you want to make money?”

Yes, sure. What’s the job?

“It’s digging your own grave.” (…)


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Portuguese voice artist

Portugal Profi-Sprecher

Locutor Portugués

Voice over from Portugal

Locución en Portugués

Portugiesischer Sprecher mit tonstudio

Comédien voix off Portugais

Voice actor Portugal

Doppiatore Portoghese